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The word of God is living and active

Zione Salamba from Tsabola Zambezi Evangelical Church is so thankful to receive her Bible in Chichewa.  She can now read God’s Word whenever she wants.  She can become rooted in the faith and guard against false teaching.  ZEC has many churches in rural parts of Malawi like Tsabola.  These are

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For the Land of Milk and Honey

A young man called Tim Lawrence got in touch with the mission last year.  Tim has been studying Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University. He worships at Slapton and Wappenham Evangelical Church in the Midlands and also at Falmouth Evangelical Church during his time at university. He was

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Farewell Ralph

We are sad to announce that our good friend and brother in Christ Ralph Gunn died peacefully on Monday 24th April.  We are very thankful for the years in which he served the Lord through zambesi mission as an Honorary Representative.  Ralph’s connection with zm came about through a series

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Cyclone Freddy and its tragic consequences

The rainy season in Malawi had been good throughout the growing season.  The crops had been growing well, although the cost of fertiliser meant that yields were likely to be below par.  All this changed on Sunday 12th March.  Record-breaking Cyclone Freddy was one of only four cyclones that originated

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Two faithful servants

On Saturday 4th March, former zm mission worker Miss Jean Murray celebrated her 100th birthday. This article is an appreciation of her life thus far. We also remember with thanks another faithful servant from the same era, Mrs Elsie Stewart, who passed away peacefully on Wednesday 1st March aged 100

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Antelope, John Chilembwe, John Chorley and zm

A new statue called Antelope was installed on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in London in September 2022.  It was designed by Malawian artist Professor Samson Kambalu and depicts the Malawian pastor John Chilembwe standing next to a white pastor John Chorley.  The scale of the two figures is

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A Focus on EBCoM

The Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) is one of zm’s five partners.  It performs a vital function for both church and gospel in Malawi and northern Mozambique.  These countries have minimal access to scripture, which means that there is often a lack of detailed Biblical knowledge.  In this environment

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Tropical Storms – News Update

Tropical Storm Ana hit Malawi and northern Mozambique at the end of January.  It brought over 300mm of rain in 24 hours and caused widespread destruction, particularly to crops, homes and churches.  At least 46 people died in Malawi and 38 in Mozambique.  This storm came hard on the heels

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Tropical Storm Ana

Tropical Storm Ana developed in the Indian Ocean on 22nd January and then tore through Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi before petering out over Zimbabwe.  It brought high winds, heavy rains and significant damage in its path and has affected several hundred thousand people.  In Mozambique the storm has claimed over

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“This is our Bible College!”

What would you say if your pastor told you that he had never received any theological training?  But this is the reality for many pastors in Malawi.  For the few that have been trained at a Bible College such as the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM), their training may

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