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If you give a man (or a church, perhaps?) a pig.

April 2016 zambesi mission (zm) aims to nurture “partnerships in the gospel” between Christians and churches in the UK and their counterparts in Malawi and northern Mozambique. One of our objectives is to help the church there to be self-sustaining; to avoid situations where they become dependent on outside support. It

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They certainly do things differently in Malawi!

March 2016 Stephen Williams, one of ZM’s honorary representatives, comments on a recent return visit to Malawi What takes five hours and involves three bicycles covered in foliage; getting dressed up; a dancing procession and lots of lavish gifts? A night out in downtown Blantyre? . No. A celebrity “Get-Me-Out-Of-Here”

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Could you and your Church organise something like this?

February 2016 A team consisting mainly of people from two UK partnered churches in Suffolk (Great Blakenham Baptist and Mickfield Evangelical Church) visited Malawi a couple of months ago. Rather than build classrooms or churches, their initial plan was to simply visit and encourage their friends Myles and Ruth MacBean,

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Reaching the Children – and their Teachers

January 2016 Whether it is outside under the shade of a leafy tree, or crammed inside a classroom, there is no doubting the enthusiasm for, and openness to, Bible teaching of the children of Malawi. Time and time again when the CFCM workers approach a head master for permission to

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