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What excites you about world mission?

April 2017.

Is it the sense of adventure; new places to see; different foods to taste; or cultures to understand…?
For us it is all of the above, and a whole lot more…
God has a desire that “all men everywhere should be saved”
…. and He wants us to be part of that!
He’s given a picture of how it is going to be one day when people of every tribe, tongue and nation stand before His throne ….and He wants us to be a part of that!
World Mission – God’s Mission to the World – is not just something Jesus introduced to His disciples before He went back to Heaven, it has been God’s plan throughout history and has been being worked out around the world daily since creation
….and He wants us to be a part of that!

In zm we are privileged to be involved in seeing God’s kingdom grow among people in Malawi and Northern Mozambique. zm is an “enabling” organisation, not a “doing” one. This means that we work solely through partnership with national organisations. These partners are churches or Christian organisations who share zm’s primary objective – to preach the gospel and extend and strengthen the Church of Jesus Christ. We seek to encourage and equip our partners in evangelism, discipleship, church-planting, community care and development in this small area of God’s big world.

zm is keen to see individuals and churches not only excited about mission, but equipped for mission. We would be very happy to have one of our staff or honorary reps visit you or your church to talk more with you about how you can be involved in God’s mission to the world.

In October we are planning to lead 2 mission trips to Malawi for church groups – maybe your church could consider this for 2018?

zm representatives can be found at GOfest, Word Alive, Keswick and Aberystwyth conferences.

There’s a big, needy, world out there with plenty of scope for us all to be involved in one way or another.

GOfest is an inter-mission organisation with the following aims:

We want to see whole life disciples leading the whole church to be involved in God’s mission across the whole world, bringing transformation, hope, salvation and joy through the Gospel of Jesus.

We are a growing movement of churches and mission agencies who are partnering together to declare God’s heart for the nations and inspire global vision among UK church.

GOfest gives you the opportunity to explore and celebrate what God is doing worldwide, and discover how you can play your part.

zm is pleased to be involved at GOfest 2017 – May 13th at Moorlands College, near Christchurch, Dorset. See for details and to book in to what should be an encouraging, challenging and informative day.

Not that it is all about “going”…….

Not everyone can go into all the world… but everyone can be involved in world-mission.

There are many godly, gifted and committed men and women in Malawi. They speak the language, know the culture and have respect in their communities. Often all that is lacking are the resources to make their vision a reality and the encouragement to keep on keeping on.

YOU could be involved in the UK in equipping and encouraging the church in Malawi and Mozambique

    • through informed prayer
    • by championing mission in your church and/or other local churches
    • through representing the work of zm in the UK, building meaningful partnerships in the gospel
    • by providing specialist support to the church in Malawi
      through giving

I hope you are as excited about world mission and your role in it as we are!

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