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Mission Update – February 2021

zm’s Honorary Representative and CFCM Specialist Ruth MacBean brings the latest news from Zambesi Mission. She explains what is happening in Malawi and northern Mozambique, including the current COVID situation. She also informs us about leadership changes at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi and updates us about recent UK staff changes. Mission Director Mike Beresford closes by introducing our new Office Manager Clare O’Connell.

Please note that this video was finalised on Sunday 7th February. We heard yesterday (Monday 8th February) that the initial three week school closure mentioned in the video has been extended for a further two weeks, meaning that all schools will be closed until at least Monday 22nd February. Schools were all instructed to send all residential students back to their homes; this means that all EBCoM’s students have left the college and have gone home and are now awaiting further government advice.

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