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BIBLESAs the Church grows in Malawi there is an ever increasing demand for Bibles. Apart from those earning a reasonable living in the towns very few people can ever hope to buy a copy for themselves so Zambesi Mission works alongside ZEC to put the Scriptures into as many hands as possible. In many parts of the country people will walk for miles in the hope of getting a Bible!

Over recent years ZM has supplied Bibles to all departments of ZEC and these have been distributed to young people, ladies meetings, Church elders, evangelists and Bible study groups. Where possible efforts are made to start study groups where Bibles are distributed so that those who can not read benefit from those who can.

You probably have several Bibles in your home - now you can put one in a home in Malawi! A gift of around £6 would help ZM/ZEC to do just that.


BOOKSETS FOR PASTORS AND LEADERSFrom time to time pastors and leaders meet together for Refresher Conferences. As well as receiving Bible teaching and advice on church matters, they are supplied with a set of Bible study and devotional books. Each pack (usually 15-16 books) has a UK value of nearly £100 but is sent to Malawi for around £25.

Apart from a minimal payment from the pastors, this project is entirely sponsored by churches and individuals in the UK.

Please see Pastors' Bookset Conferences


In addition to providing books for Bible College students ZM is trying to get as many good study books into the hands of as many pastors, evangelists and Church workers as possible. These are generously subsidised by agencies like Langham Trust/Evangelical Literature Trust, Sovereign World Trust and Pastors' Training International.

A gift of any size can help to provide a helpful book to someone engaged in Christian work in Malawi.


All of the above projects supply books in English. Some pastors and leaders, particularly the older ones, cannot read English or understand it well enough to cope with the topics covered in the books so there is an urgent need to provide resources in the Chichewa language which is understood by most people in Malawi. This means getting permission and having the facilities to translate books or to commission new ones. Either way, it is a costly and much needed ministry.


Please see Sunday schools & children's work


There are many opportunities to put books and pamphlets into the hands of Christian people in Malawi and Northern Mozambique.


Zambesi Mission is a registered charity in England & Wales (1165004) and in Scotland ( SCO46748)