Zambesi Mission


The Zambesi Evangelical Church is very closely linked to two Bible Colleges in Blantyre both of which receive support from Zambesi Mission.


EBCoM is an interdenominational evangelical Bible School established (as the Likubula Bible Institute) in 1964 by the Zambesi Mission, Africa Evangelical Fellowship (now SIM), Africa Evangelical Church, Zambesi Evangelical Church and the Evangelical Church of Malawi.

The college now serves these and other evangelical Churches in Malawi and Mozambique.

EBCoM, which is accredited by ACTEA (Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa), is governed by a Council which has representatives of these bodies and other invited Churches and individuals.

The Courses offered are ~

DIPLOMA IN THEOLOGY (validated by the University of Malawi)



STUDENTS'  WIVES COURSE - for wives of final year students

EXTENSION PROGRAMME (see Leadership Training)

Mercy Mkwezalamba,
leader the Wives Course

EBCoM is training pastors, evangelists, leaders, teachers and other workers for the evangelical Churches of Malawi. Past graduates are serving in many positions of leadership across the country.

The Campus is an extensive area on the edge of Blantyre. Presently the college can accommodate 80-90 students with plenty of room for expansion. The facilities include a developing library, offices, dormitories, kitchens and dining area, a playing field and staff housing.

A 5 Year Development Scheme for the College includes the provision of further courses, more staff and improved buildings and facilities.

Funding: EBCoM is almost entirely dependent on outside help for it finance. Most students come from families and Churches which can give them little or no financial support.

EBCoM is grateful for help with ~

Student sponsorship - 700+ per annum. ZM seeks to obtain support for as many students as possible. Several sponsors might contribute to the costs of any one student so gifts of any size are appreciated.

Library books - With courses developing all the time, there is a constant need to upgrade the College library. Most books have to be shipped from outside Malawi and can not be obtained without gifts from interested friends.

Student book sets - ZM tries to provide every graduating student with a set of basic study books (a Study Bible, a Bible Dictionary and a Bible Commentary). 25-30 usually covers such a set.

Refresher Conferences - Since 2003 it has been possible to arrange a number of conferences during which serving pastors and other leaders are able to receive teaching and enjoy fellowship and food together. (Please see Pastors' Book Conferences)

Pastors' bicycles - Most graduates going out to pastorates will be in charge of several Churches usually miles apart and need a cycle as they start their ministries.

Facilities - Larger needs include more staff housing, further development of the married quarters and more classrooms. Do you know of any Christian/educational trust or other body which might be willing to give a grant to the College?

PRAYER !! - More important than all else is prayer support for the college and its work in these important days. The Evangelical Church is growing very quickly in Malawi and well-trained pastors and teachers are urgently needed. The work of EBCoM and similar colleges is vital to the development of the Church.

Zambesi Mission is a registered charity in England & Wales (1165004) and in Scotland ( SCO46748)