Zambesi Mission


God is blessing His Church in Malawi and it is growing very rapidly. Evangelists of the Zambesi Evangelical Church are active in many parts and Churches are being planted across the country.

In fact, it is not at all unusual for a developing Church to be planting another Church before it is fully recognised and instituted itself! Rarely is a building available so these developing congregations often meet under 'temporary' structures or even the open skies!


The ZEC Evangelism & Church Planting Department has the following aims -


  to plant Churches where there is no evangelical witness

  to bring Christ to the people

  to strengthen ZEC Churches where there is need

  to encourage and care for pastors and evangelists

introducing Bible Study groups
 encouraging the people to pray together
 challenging the Churches to evangelism, open-air witness and follow-up work
 teaching stewardship and accountability
 running leadership seminars

  to teach and encourage evangelism in ZEC Churches

 pastoral care in a new Fellowship
 Church growth
 stewardship and accountability
 tackling Church problems
 Church leaders and the young people
 Christian worship

The usual pattern for Church planting is to visit and survey an area before holding open air meetings and engaging in various other forms of evangelism. Those whom the Lord touches are brought together for fellowship and a 'Prayer House' is established. Then an evangelist is sent to teach the group and continue the outreach.

ZEC has evangelists in several locations around Malawi at the present time. Some of these are working near the borders with Mozambique and are reaching into that country too. In addition there are evangelists from the Mozambique Synod of ZEC who are Church planting within their own country.


Young Church planting evangelists in Mozambique

Through Zambesi Mission, a number of Churches and individuals are sponsoring Church planting evangelists across Malawi and some in Mozambique.

Other evangelists are sponsored by the International Centre for Worldmission based in Bonn, Germany. We thank God that ICW is also able to support ZEC in its Bible training ministry.

Zambesi Mission is a registered charity in England & Wales (1165004) and in Scotland ( SCO46748)