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Two thousand years ago, when there was no health service in Palestine, Jesus touched the lives of large numbers of people and brought healing of body, mind and soul wherever He went.

Today in Malawi - as in many of the poorer countries where organised health care is extremely limited - Jesus is still bringing compassion, care and healing through His people.

Zambesi Mission supports the Zambesi Evangelical Churches in operating a number of rural health centres all of which seek to serve the local communities in the context of the Gospel. Resources, however, are extremely basic. The need is always great but the service the clinics can give is often restricted by lack of equipment, furnishings and medicines.

The clinics presently operating are at ~







All are active and serving many people across wide areas

All lack basic supplies and some have very inadequate buildings.

Are you able to help us to support the Malawian Christians in this vital work for Jesus?

Mitsidi Health Centre


ZM's support is presently being channelled in a number of ways including -


Capital assistance for basic buildings, renovations and extensions. A recent example is the maternity block added to the Mitsidi Clinic for which ZM was able to give grants for help with the buildings and some equipment. The local chief came to express his gratitude to ZEC/ZM for all the developments at Mitsidi "which are providing such a life-saving service especially for malaria patients who are treated right away and within 2 or 3 days are better and can return home".

Inside the new Mitsidi Maternity Unit

Some of the recently installed facilities


The list show the range of tools and equipment needed in all the Centres; most of the items are available (usually at very little cost) in Malawi ...but not the funds!

scissors, thermometers, supplies of cotton wool

hot water bottles, plastic trays, stethoscope, forceps, paracetamol 500mg x 1000

towels, buckets & mops

baby cots & mattresses, bedpans

electric kettles

weighing scales

examination lamps

baby scales

small refrigerators

There are many other needs!


Teams of trained medical assistants go out from most ZEC health centres to hold clinics in the villages, providing basic health care for under fives, pregnant women and new mothers.




The need is great and increasing all the time. In spite of the Orphan Day Care Centre at Ntonda looking after 100 children (soon to rise to 140) barely a quarter of the local youngsters identified in a recent census as needing help are being cared for. (Please see Orphan Care)

Recently 28 chiefs attended a meeting at Nthorowa Health Centre to discuss setting up ODC there! It is hoped to get this further scheme underway by June 2006.


At present only one child per family is catered for at Ntonda Day Care Centre so a scheme now gives assistance to the whole family, particularly child-headed households where both parents have died. (Please see Relief & Development). It supplies two goats and five chickens per family together with guidance in animal care and has a number of advantages.

  • no staffing required
  • no ongoing costs
  • kid goats are bred from which other families can benefit
  • the recipients have to ask for help and build an adequate shelter for the animals before receiving the goats, thus identifying fully with the scheme

£50+ finances the scheme for a family

ZM will soon have a project pack available. Please ask for details.

Zambesi Mission is a registered charity in England & Wales (1165004) and in Scotland ( SCO46748)