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Zambesi Mission is not building up a large team of expatriate workers in Malawi,
but we still very much need you…..


Perhaps even in Malawi. Occasionally there is a need for someone to share their skills and experience with the national Church.

At the moment there is an urgent need for suitably qualified lecturers to teach in the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi. Long-term or short-term workers are welcome. And those who can only spare a few weeks to teach on a specialist theme.

We also need you on our mailing list. ZM/ZEC information and prayer leaflets are mailed quarterly and help you to be directly involved with what is going on. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send an email to us by clicking here.You might also be able to help in two other vital ways -

  • Exploring the possibility of a ZM visit to your Church or Group. There would be no obligation whatsoever attached to such a meeting and it would give an opportunity to show, perhaps with the help of a Powerpoint presentation, some details of the work of ZEC/ZM in Malawi and Mozambique.

  • We are in urgent need of people who can undertake some voluntary representation for ZM in UK Churches.

If you feel able to help please get in touch with us



Malawi is a very poor country and the Church is always lacking the resources it needs to carry out the many ministries God is opening up to His people. The money is available - but much of it is in Christians' pockets and Church bank accounts here in the UK and in similar rich countries! Our funds are greatly needed to -

  • sponsor students in Bible training;support key national workers;
  • supply Bibles, literature and equipment.

ZM has a series of information leaflets and laminated posters.

For more details
click here.

There is now a variety of ways we can help to provide funds - at no extra cost!

Raise money for
Zambesi Mission when you shop online!
All you need to do is visit: and click on "Sign Up ".

ZM receives a donation from every purchase,
at no cost to you.


Recycle your old mobile phones & inkjet cartridges to raise funds for Zambesi Mission

It’s easy….it’s free….and very worthwhile

We will send you a free post envelope ~ just insert the cartridges/phones, seal the envelope & pop it into a nearby post box.

Click here to email us - dont forget to include your name and address


By using you can make a contribution to the work in Malawi every time you search on the Internet .

It's easy to use - just visit 
and start searching!

Or sign up where you will be able to set Everyclick as your homepage


ZM is one of the charities benefiting from the sale of this range of excellent greetings cards, text cards, plaques, Bibles, books, CDs etc. available from

Please mention ZM when you order


If you are a tax payer ALL your gifts
can be increased by 28%
by signing a ZM Gift Aid form.

  Click here to download a Gift Aid form


                        Please consider the work in
                        Malawi and Mozambique
                       when you draft a will.

                       Help is available from              
                        or by contacting ZM.


You can also donate instantly
via text message.
text ZAMB11 £2 or £5 or £10 to 70070


Online donations to ZM via

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"Prayer was never meant to be incidental to the work of God. It is the work," wrote Arthur Matthews, former leader of OMF, in his remarkable book 'Born for Battle'.

Our God can do anything but He chooses to do some things
only when His people pray
(Ezekiel 36:37; James 4:2)

We need more people to join the battle! Prayer news is regularly available from ZM.


We are very grateful for any gift and shall use it as requested. If we receive more than required for any project, or a more pressing need arises, we hope you will understand if we use your gift where most needed. A small percentage of any gift received goes towards ZM’s essential running costs, all figures quoted include this.

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01904 674748


Zambesi Mission is a registered charity in England & Wales (1165004) and in Scotland ( SCO46748)