Zambesi Mission


The evangelical Churches are growing rapidly in Malawi and northern Mozambique. As well as having responsibility for a central congregation often a pastor may well be caring for several 'Prayer Houses' planted out by his Church. Sometimes such Fellowships grow to a large size before a separate pastor can be found for them. The result is that a congregation might go several weeks without receiving teaching from its pastor or from anyone with some basic Bible knowledge.


As well as its regular studies, the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi is developing a range of short courses aimed at providing training for leaders (of Church groups, young people, ladies, etc.) who for various reasons are unable to undertake full time studies. These are held during the College vacations and cover such subjects as Preaching and Homiletics, Family Life, Marriage Enrichment, Church Government.


ZM's Abraham Folayan with one of the first groups,
meeting at ZEC Ndirande

Three years ago the College launched its Extension Course providing an opportunity for part time students to obtain a full Certificate in Biblical Theology. It runs on two weekends each month and participants also share a long residential weekend together usually over the Easter period. They also have substantial home and practical evangelism assignments. Some members of the group are already running similar classes of their own. (2 Timothy 2:2)

The first class in session in 2007 and three of the first graduates September 2009.


Among those who have benefited from management training are the three ZEC Regional Superintendent ministers. These men have key roles visiting Churches and pastors to encourage, challenge, teach, advise and sometimes, distribute emergency assistance. They engage in Sunday preaching and hold day and weekend seminars on a wide variety of subjects like Church government, discipline, finance, marriage guidance for pastors, elders, their wives and various Church groups.

In addition, each Superintendent has responsibilities in pastoring a local Church.

In these ways, the Regional Superintendents are themselves much engaged in Leadership Training at various levels of the Zambesi Evangelical Churches.


Mark Kayenda
Southern District

Pastor Joe Tsokalida
Central district

Pastor Eric Mpanga
Northern District

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