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 ZM NEWS 2011
January 2011

Passing the baton ~ Rosie & Simon take up the challenge.
These are exciting and challenging days for ZM and the work in Malawi with the appointment of Malawian colleagues to fulfil two major roles. Rosie Chirwa will take up her position as ZM Projects Officer on 1st February and Simon Chikwana will commence his work on 1st April.
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March 2011

The Folayans are coming!
We are delighted that plans are now going ahead for Ruth & Abraham Folayan to visit us prior to their retirement in their homeland of Nigeria. Ruth & Abraham have served in Malawi and taught at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi for 15 years.
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April 2011

ZM Volunteers
Like many other charitable organisations, Zambesi Mission relies on many volunteers. We thank God for these and other friends who contribute so much to His work here in the UK and in Malawi. Our great need now is for more volunteers to represent the work in the Churches in their home area.
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May 2011

In May, Ruth & Abraham Folayan will be embarking on their UK tour during which they hope to meet as many Churches and individual friends as possible.
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July 2011

Interview with Abraham Folayan
Ruth and Abraham Folayan, who have served nearly 17 years in Malawi, have spent the last two months visiting Churches and individual friends in the UK prior to their retirement to Nigeria.
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August 2011

Prayer Matters
It certainly does! See James 4:2. So does praise. Psalm 105:1-4. Here are some special items for prayer and praise in which we greatly appreciate your fellowship and involvement.
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September 2011

A glimpse of what God is doing here in Malawi
ZM's David Kanyumi reports on the recent conferences for pastors and leaders
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October 2011

News from Nigeria
An update from Ruth & Abraham.
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November 2011

Simon Chikwana in the UK
ZM Field Director, Simon Chikwana, is visiting the UK in November. As well as meeting the ZM Executive he will be speaking at churches in England and Scotland.
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