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 2015 News Stories
December 2015

We have come to Worship Him (Matthew 2:2)


'Wise men still seek Him' was a popular seasonal slogan some years ago. That is still true but from the Bible account of the Magi's quest we can derive this deeper truth - that wise men still worship Him.

We know that the Magi's visit most likely came some time after the birth of Jesus but if we don't think of them as part of the Christmas story we probably will give them little thought at all! Sadly, Epiphany is a season strangely ignored in many Churches. It should be a celebration of the Saviour's 'presentation' to the Gentiles; a mission reminder that, as the shepherds were told by the angel choir, this 'Good News of great joy will be to all peoples'.

We would dearly like to know more about the Wise Men than the Scriptures tell us. Who were they? Where exactly were they from? What prompted their interest? How much did they know about Heavenly things?

They certainly knew something about the heavens and God gave a brilliant and special light in the sky to guide them to the Saviour (2:2 His star). He had already attracted the shepherds with His Heavenly choir and now He used a great light in the heavens to direct a very different group of men to see the newly born King. Might they have been seeing the same 'Heavenly host' from their far country (2:2), with the Lord later bringing the angels back to guide them to the exact house in Bethlehem (2:9)?

What we know for certain is that these men from a vastly different background in the East came to Jesus with a desire to worship Him and we can learn much from them.
Like them ~

We must be prepared to SEEK HIM

What an example they set! Distance - culture - cost - terrain - politics - protocol; so much to deter them in their quest but their determination to surmount such obstacles and their patience when He was not found where they reasonably expected Him to be (Matthew 2:1-3) and their confidence that a King definitely had been born (2:1) can help us to overcome some of the distractions and doubts that Satan so readily puts in our way when we come to worship the Saviour.

We must FOLLOW His direction and OBEY His Word

We might not see a great radiance in the sky or receive direction in a dream but we have God's Word with His promise that all who seek will find (Matthew 7:7).

The remarkable fact that the Lord unfolded His Word to the Magi through the sceptical channel of King Herod (2:3-8) is evidence that He can reveal Himself to us just when we need Him most. They followed the light over Bethlehem (2:9) and found the Light of the World (John 8:12)


We must HONOUR Him with our best

Before these men presented their carefully chosen and very valuable gifts, they brought themselves and their worship to Jesus (2:11). Our God wants us to offer ourselves, then He will use the gifts He has first given to us.



We must allow Him to make a DIFFERENCE in our lives

Seeing Jesus as a young Child gave the Magi great joy (1:10) which must have brought a lovely sense of fulfilment on the long journey homewards. To take a different route (1:12) probably presented more challenges especially when they had such good news to tell others but no one who seeks and meets the Saviour with a sincere desire to worship Him will ever return exactly the same way.

At Christ's birth the king, the chief priest, the scribes and many of the people knew where He was likely to be (2:6) but made no move to seek or worship Him. Only the humble shepherds and the eminent Magi responded to the Heavenly light and met Jesus.

Have you met Jesus?

Have you given Him yourself and your worship? He did not remain a Child but grew up to go to Calvary's cross as the Sacrifice for the sins of everyone who puts their trust in Him. (John 3:16)

Have you presented your gifts (time, energy, money, love and concern) for His use in taking the Good News to all peoples ~ in the UK, Malawi, Mozambique and across this needy world?

 2015 News Stories

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