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 2015 News Stories
April 2015

Praying for Malawi


Rev Connex Ijalisi, a long standing and greatly valued friend of zm, has just concluded a UK tour in his present capacity as Malawi Director of J-Life which partners Churches and organisations to promote Christian discipleship, Church leadership training, education, outreach and compassion ministries in Malawi.

Connex has 20 years experience as a ZEC pastor during which he has also served as Youth Co-ordinator and General Secretary of the national Church in Malawi. Together with Dr Jonathan Groves, UK Mission Director of Kerusso Trust, he has been visiting Churches in Scotland and England and here he shares some key prayer points for his country.

January's extreme rainfall will have a long term impact in a number of ways ~

Communications have been badly disrupted with roads washed away and bridges collapsing. This means costly and extensive detours on many journeys and makes it much harder for rural pastors to visit their various congregations. (Connex experienced some of these problems whilst visiting the Phalombe region with zm's Simon Chikwana ).

Health problems are widespread with cholera reported in some areas. Whilst some places with a piped water system lost their supplies for a while, the main concern is that the overflow of the Shire River and some of its tributaries has caused blockages and polluted wells leaving the people with little option but to use polluted water. This is at its worst in the rural areas where adequate health care is scarce.

Education is affected because most of the 300.000 or more displaced people are now sheltering in school buildings making it impossible for teaching to take place. In such situations the school calendar is being significantly disrupted.

Agriculture. In the affected areas most crops were washed away only a couple of months before they were due to be harvested. This leaves subsistence farmers and their families in a really desperate situation. Now the rains have ceased the land is too dry to consider planting another crop. Where the rivers have left thick layers of silt and rubbish on the land it is unlikely that crops can be successfully grown next year.

Economically. The damage to roads, bridges, etc is estimated at millions of Malawi Kwacha which adds to the burden of one of the world's very poorest countries.

Most important of all is the personal tragedy of people who have lost loved ones, homes, possessions, crops and homes.

Please pray for J-Life , Kerusso Trust , zm and other organisations as they seek to
bring relief in Jesus name.


Training Church Leaders

We praise God that His Church continues to grow in Malawi but a great cause for prayerful concern is the fact that 90% of the pastors in rural areas have had no Biblical training and are trying to lead their congregations with, in most cases, no resources whatsoever.

  • Many have had little or no formal education and some might not be able to read or write themselves.
  • There is still a great shortage of Bibles. Indeed, one pastor reports a Sunday attendance of around 100 people with only one Bible between them!
  • Very few rural pastors have any devotional or study books and no access to the internet to give them assistance in preparing to teach their people.

J-Life under Connex's leadership, together with the Kerusso Trust, aims to provide short courses in rural areas through the Learn2Serve Bible training programme. These are initiated either by a local pastors' fraternal, with men and women from a number of denominations attending, or by an individual Church and are attended by pastors and their wives, elders, youth and ladies leaders. The courses consist of a number of modules which build upon each other over a period of time.

In 2014 zm and J-Life joined forces to run a very encouraging course for the River of Life Evangelical Church and it is planned to follow this up when the resources are available and the opportunity arises.

Please pray for this training to have a ever widening impact in the Churches as the Holy Spirit moves in the lives of the leaders. Also for the funds and resources so that Kerusso Trust, J-Life, zm and other Christian organisations can extend such training to many more parts of the country.



Connex greatly values our prayers as he continues to adjust to his new roles and seeks God's direction in developing the work.. He and his wife Synolia live in the Chilomoni area of Blantyre with their two children, Blessings (22) and Abigail (18).

Connex remains a member of Michiru Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC), the congregation he formerly pastored.  Zambesi mission works closely with ZEC as a partner in Malawi.  zm and its supporters have strong historic bonds of fellowship with Connex and Jonathan, including discipleship training through participation in the zm Book Set Conferences.  The Kerusso Trust,

J-Life and zambesi mission are separate independent organisations, but work together as partners.   zm is delighted to offer its wholehearted support to The Kerusso Trust and J-Life in all their work and endeavours together in the Lord's name in Malawi

Please visit or email Jonathan ( ) to find out more about the work in Malawi.


 2015 News Stories

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