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 2015 News Stories
July 2015
News from Abraham and Ruth Folayan

Dear Friends,

We thank you so very much for your faithful prayers and friendship. Because it happens almost every time, it is probably better not to try to explain why this is coming so long after you last heard from us. Thank you for your letters, seasonal cards, emails and other expressions of your kindness and patience which we do not deserve.

Nigeria Situation: Everyone here continues to thank God for the peaceful elections which most feared could break up the country with unimaginable consequences. Even CIA was reported to have predicted that 2015 could bring an end to the country known as Nigeria. Well, the year is only half gone, the insurgency in the North East by Boko Haram is far from over and violence still continues. And while we sincerely thank you for praying (and many of you did), we ask you please to continue to pray for our country as we also pray for you and for the global difficulties affecting many countries in various ways.

The second issue is related to that- the economic situation which is a big problem for the new government. We hear from the international media how our economy is the 'leading economy in Africa' yet at home we know that almost one-third of the 36 States are owing several months of unpaid civil servants' salaries. One Governor said a few days ago : I am helpless ! The workers and pensioners in that State are owed at least seven (7) months of unpaid salaries and their pensions. The fall in price of crude oil is said to be the immediate cause. The State Governors are meeting with the new President Tuesday 23June to ask for a way out! One thing to praise God for is the tremendous potentials in human and material resources which we have. The present tough times will hopefully force us to look outside of oil. We need to. The Church is growing in spread but sadly, not in depth. The appearance of godliness is seen everywhere, but its power is difficult to find. The Lord knows those who are His.

Church and Ministry: We continue to thank God for the opportunities to be involved in some very small ways. Your prayers do indeed make these opportunities be of lasting value and we thank you very much for your partnership.

    ECWA Lemu Road and Narayi Prayer House - We are involved at various levels and with various people. There are teaching, preaching and leadership opportunities with Ruth very much involved in the Girls ministry, Adult Sunday School, Prayer House Choir, in addition to continuing volunteer work at her friend's Christian Nursery/Primary School. The main Church is now considering granting the Prayer House approval to organize morning services in addition to the present evening services. We will then begin to work seriously towards organizing and then moving to some temporary structure on the property already acquired for the Prayer House. These are steps to becoming a full and 'independent' Church congregation. Please pray for us. Meanwhile Abraham and others in the Leadership Team are busy with preaching and teaching God's Word at the Prayer House. We are currently going through a series in the first eight chapters of Romans.

    'Let's Study Romans 1-8': This project of our Kaduna Central District Church Council has been published and now in use for Zonal Group Bible Study of the Churches in the District. It was a privilege to be asked to lead the 7-person Preparation Committee. Our Narayi Prayer House has based its preaching programme on the same chapters of Romans running from May to mid-September of 2015.

     Kaduna Family Life Ministry: Ruth and I were invited to be part of the Leadership Team of this ministry, working with other Volunteer couples (mostly lay people) to help in promoting godly families through events like Seminars, Week-end away, Trainings etc. Principally, we seek to establish Small Groups that meet weekly to study, discuss and pray for a period of 6-7weeks. The Team itself has just completed a one-week intensive training to equip us for greater effectiveness. FamilyLife is a ministry of Great Commission Movement of Nigeria (Campus Crusade for ChristInternational).     

    FamilyLife Staying Close Group: Ruth and I currently lead seven other couples meeting once a week at our house. We use the book: Staying Close by Dennis & Barbara Rainey. We hope to complete this first small group in about two weeks' time. Please pray for us as we pray to start a new group after this one. Pray that we will model Christ and his Gospel as we all learn from Him.

Malawi: We keep in touch with friends and ministry in Malawi through ZM and through Aquaid Life Line. Our Church and a group of friends here remain faithful prayer partners for the work in Malawi. We thank God for them.

Family News: Seyi was able to visit Bunmi in the US. Her visit had to be extended by three weeks because she fell ill while there. We thank God she is reasonably stable and continues to enjoy her work with WaterAid. She and Ibrahim are doing well. They and Bunmi are planning for us to visit the US sometime in October/November this year. Ruth and I are keeping quite well (after Abraham's 5 to 6 recent visits to the dentist). In February, Abraham joined the 'Club 90-10' (Psalm 90 verse10) as a young member. An unexpected and beautiful celebration was organised by the Prayer House on that day, which was a Sunday, just after I finished preaching. I trust some of you our senior friends will endorse my membership! It is now more difficult to ignore the realities of the ' Best-Before-Date' stamped on each of us. So, let us work while it is day, for the night comes when no man can work.

We thank you all for helping us to do this through your prayers and friendship.

Sincerely and with our love,
Abraham and Ruth,
Kaduna, Nigeria.
June 2015

 2015 News Stories

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