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 2019 News Stories
May 2019
Recent updates from Malawi


Mike Beresford, zm director, reports from his current journeys
in Malawi and Mozambique

Mike Beresford writes: Friday, 3rd May. A really great day at Nthorowa where ZEC run a health centre and Orphan Daycare Centre. There were so many positive things happening at Nthorowa – almost too many to mention! We were guided by Administrator Fashion Faiti and Pastor Francis Ntepa. Finishing touches are being applied to the church building, such as doors, plastering and flooring. The new maternity unit is nearly complete (funded by BEIT Trust). The health centre was packed with women attending clinics. From the ODC perspective, we met a Form 4 student who did excellently in his MSCE (end of Secondary School) exams and narrowly missed being selected for university. We will soon be starting maize and rice mill projects to provide income to support the children. We brought a new fuel-efficient stove for cooking food for the children (see picture with Pastor Francis Ntepa on the left). There are now 23 healthy looking goats kept at the ODC; and the rice and maize harvests are looking promising. All round a most encouraging day.


Mike Beresford writes: Thursday, 2nd May. Our journey today took us along the ridge of hills that separates Malawi and Mozambique. They are building a new road along the way, but sadly it is not ready yet. So, slow progress, but all the same we reached Matanda in the middle of the morning. It is situated in an incredible position – on top of the hills looking across miles and miles of Malawi. The exciting development at Matanda is that the new maternity unit has now been opened and deliveries have commenced. This project was funded by Norwegian Church Aid. There were no babies in the delivery unit, but lots of mothers awaiting their ante-natal clinic. These checks are vital as they allow midwives to highlight any potential delivery concerns and refer the mother to the nearest hospital. As a result of health centres like Matanda, infant and maternal mortality rates in Malawi have been reduced dramatically over the last two or three decades.


Mike Beresford writes: Wednesday, 1st May. Today is a bank holiday here in Malawi (Labour Day). We were loading up the vehicle this morning with a range of items, including a fuel efficient rocket stove for Nthorowa. More pictures of that later. This time we are travelling with the General Secretary of ZEC, Pastor James Baisson Phiri. Our first stop was at Ntonda where we were warmly welcomed. The maize harvest is in progress here is looking good. They also seem to hav e a plentiful crop of groundnuts. Ntonda are planning a project to buy a two tonne truck that can be rented out. The proceeds will be used to support the children at the Orphan Daycare Centre. There are 55 children at the ODC and 28 further children that zm supports to study at secondary school. After a good visit to Ntonda we moved on to Muluma arriving as the sun was going down. The great news from Muluma is that the Nurses' Council have approved the maternity centre to start deliveries and these should start from the middle of May. We are very thankful for zm's supporters that contributed gifts towards the medical equipment and also for the staff houses (see picture). Then back to Ntcheu for an overnight stop.


Mike Beresford writes: Tuesday, 30th April. Early morning activity as the mission's vehicle and a hired two tonner were being loaded up with buckets, plastic sheeting, soya pieces, soap and salt. zm's Projects Officer Rose Chirwa was in charge. Further items would be taken directly to the churches in the Phalombe area. On the same day Simon Chikwana and I attended the EBCoM Council meeting and AGM, with Jon Mackenzie attending as an observer. Unfortunately we heard late in the day that Rose's vehicle had a puncture. As a result they did not finish the distribution work and have had to stay near Phalombe overnight. zm's Malawian staff have such commitment! They will hopefully complete the work tomorrow and then return to Blantyre.


Mike Beresford writes: Sunday, 28th April.
We split three ways for Sunday services. Jon Mackenzie went with Pastor Mvula Mvula to Nsanje River of Life Evangelical Church, where former EBCoM student Joseph Pius is pastor. Field Director Simon Chikwana stayed at Nsanje ZEC, whilst Pastor Jekemu and I travelled on to Ndamera ZEC at Marka, which is right on the southern tip of Malawi. Pastor Luka is serving in this church. We had a great service, with the congregation arrivi ng steadily as the service continued. At the end the former school that is being used as a church was pretty much full. This church, like others in this area, has been affected by the flooding. We passed a number of temporary camps – including one set up in a school. These house the people who have lost their homes. The road passed areas where crops had been flattened and swept away by the flood water (see photo). People are trying to grow a second crop in the same fields. Pray for those affected by the floods, particularly those in temporary camps. Let's give thanks for the relief organisations that are providing this support. zm is making its own small efforts to provide emergency support for those amongst its partner churches who are in need at this time.


Mike Beresford writes: Saturday 27th April
. It was down to the Lower Shire today, taking with us the Chair of ZEC's Trustees Pastor Zaccheus Jekemu. Our first visit was to Dzinthenga ZEC where we found a Preach the Word training session (see…/preach-the-word…/ ) being run by Pastor Sekeya at the church. We discussed the impact of the recent flooding and then discussed the effectiveness of the goat farming project that was implemente d after the last episode of flooding. The project has been very successful, with the number of goats multiplying and being handed on to new recipients. The three church members shown (L to R - Asine Demiano, Gloria Ndeule and Joliam Gusto) now have five goats each. Next we travelled to Chikwawa ZEC and then further on to Bangula ZEC. The impact of the floods is very variable. Some people have lost everything - their homes, their belongings and are now living in camps near Bangula or Nsanje. Others haven't been affected at all. We are gearing up for emergency distribution to those that the churches have said are in need.



 2019 News Stories

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