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Across the world a child is orphaned every 14 seconds on average as a result of AIDS. Africa has over 12 million AIDS-related orphan children and half a million of these are in Malawi.

Many pastors, Church members and other folk take children into their homes. This is kind and saves the youngsters from the perils of homelessness, but it does put even greater pressure on families which are already over stretched and finding it difficult to find enough food and finance to survive.




ZM/ZEC is helping by establishing Day Care Centres taking orphans on a daily basis to give them the care which their guardians struggle to provide. They then return to the shelter and protection of the family for each night. This is a very cost effective way of helping these needy children and their families. Very few purpose built buildings are required, much of the food can be grown on the site and volunteers help with the cooking and care wherever possible. In this way members of the community not only help with the work but also more easily identify with the project.

Day Care Centres are now established in four main locations and many other orphans are receiving help on a more limited basis (e.g. from Chiyanjano Ladies' groups).

Although run by local Christians, the centres cater for needy children from any religious background.

The Day Care Centre offers the children -

   good food

  suitable clothing

  health checks



  bible teaching

The first centre at Ntonda now caring for 250 children

The buidling at Nthorowa provided by a UK Church.

The project at Mphongo launched and financed entirely by local Christians.



Families caring for orphans are being given young goats for breeding and milk - they have to build a night shelter for the animal and will be expected to provide a kid for another family in due course.

 For more information about the Ntonda 'Kids for Kids'    Project please click here.

Zambesi Mission is a registered charity in England & Wales (1165004) and in Scotland ( SCO46748)