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[Key:  means please pray and  means give thanks]



River of Life Evangelical Church (RoLEC)
Leader Ps Mvula Mvula - 40 churches; now 16 pastors

1 Th 81 leaders have received training in recent months through the Learn2Serve programme, focussing on discipleship and godly leadership.

2 Fr for changed hearts and a continuing impact following earlier training within RoLEC.

3 Sa during the rainy season many roads in Malawi become impassable. Pray that pastors would not become isolated during this time.

4 Su for God’s will to be apparent in discerning whether to start a church plant in Machinga, a predominately Muslim area north of Blantyre.

5 Mo further Learn2Serve training (together with J-Life) starts in Mozambique today until 9th November. p that God would equip the leaders

6 Tu Pastor Mvula Mvula asks us to pray about his transport difficulties; he is struggling to maintain his leadership programme using public transport.

7 We for EBCoM students Nice Yobe and Mponda Nyongo, now both in the final year of their courses.

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) Malawi
Chairman, Pastor Chimwemwe Kanjirawaya and his deputy, Pastor Joe Tsokalida; General Secretary, Pastor James Baisson Phiri and his deputy, Pastor Willard Muwalo.

8 Th the new leadership of ZEC elected in August.

9 Fr for God’s hand to be upon them, as they seek God’s guidance and wisdom for ZEC; and for them to demonstrate Christlike leadership.

10 Sa for zm’s partnership with ZEC to continue to be positive, as we work together with their leaders.

11 Su ZEC’s new Chairman, Pastor Chimwemwe Kanjirawaya and his deputy Pastor Joe Tsokalida.

12 Mo for the new General Secretary of ZEC, Pastor James Baisson Phiri and his re-elected deputy Pastor Willard Muwalo.

13 Tu that the new leadership will move forward in a purposeful way with ZEC’s strategic plan.

14 We for continued unity and vision amongst the various ZEC churches throughout Malawi.

15 Th for the strong evangelistic focus that ZEC has upon sharing Christ with Malawians.

ZEC Orphan Daycare Centres (ODCs)
At Chifunga, Nthorowa and Ntonda

16 Fr pupils from Naburn Primary School in York raised £1,670 for the maize mill project at Chifunga.
zm Executive Committee residential meeting starts

17 Sa there would now be sufficient funds for the construction of the mill house to commence.

18 Su for all those involved with caring for the children at Chifunga, Nthorowa and Ntonda.

zm Executive Committee residential meeting ends

19 Mo the children who attend the ODCs to learn more about Jesus - the way, the truth and the life.

20 Tu for the provision that the ODCs give to children who might otherwise be destitute.

Children for Christ Ministry (CFCM)
Elevate Mzinga, Joseph Jeke, Lackson Makawa

21 We for the successful Training of Trainers course held in the northern region in September.

22 Th the newly trained trainers will help to equip more Sunday school teachers in churches in their widely scattered towns and villages.

23 Fr that children will be properly taught God’s Word and the message of salvation.

24 Sa for the programme of seminars planned for 2019 - many in new areas. Please pray that there will be much interest and good attendance.

25 Su for the Bible Clubs that have been visited and encouraged during 2018.

26 Mo for development of the new clubs that were established through CFCM’s ministry this year.

27 Tu for CFCM’s Christmas Party/Bible Club at Chikweu during December. p that many children will attend and respond to the Gospel message.

28 We for God’s guidance as CFCM continue to develop their safeguarding and child protection policy.

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC), Malawi
Fellowship of Youth (FoY)

Gift Mphongolo, FoY Co-ordinator.

29 Th for those young people who discover and use their gifts for God through FoY.

30 Fr for those involved each week in planning and coordinating the meetings.


1 Sa for a revival of the young people in Malawi.

2 Su for those leading the church plant at Nkaya in Balaka district (southern region).

ZEC Regional Superintendents & Churchplanting
Ps Duncan Ng’oma - North (Mzuzu); Ps Henry Muhiye - Central (Ntcheu); Ps Isaac Mpanga - South (Blantyre)

3 Mo Kingwell Leonard Banda and his wife Tiyamike have joined Enock Mang’anya and his wife Alice in their churchplanting role in Chitipa, at the northern tip of Malawi.

4 Tu for all those churchplanting pastors working in remote and isolated parts of Malawi.

5 We for discernment of God’s will for those who feel called to serve as churchplanters.

UK staff meet today
6 Th for those hearing about Jesus for the first time.

7 Fr for our Malawian brothers and sisters in Christ who travel great distances (usually on foot) to get to a church service.

8 Sa for ZEC’s new leadership to know God’s will as they consider who should serve as Regional Superintendents in the future.

ZEC Health & Rural Development
Ntonda Rural Hospital, plus health centres at Matanda, Mitsidi, Muluma and Nthorowa.

9 Su for good relationships with the community at Ntonda Health Centre and ZEC.

10 Mo the new duplex staff houses at Muluma have now been completed.

11 Tu after a long wait, much needed maternity services at Muluma will now commence.

12 We for good access to the essential medicines that the health centres need to stock.

13 Th the distance many Malawians have to travel to access good healthcare is reduced thanks to ZEC’s health facilities.
EBCoM council meets today

14 Fr for dedicated staff at the health centres.
EBCoM Christmas break begins today

15 Sa for completion of the late-running maternity building at Matanda. This project has been implemented by Norwegian Church Aid.

ZEC Chiyanjano (Women’s Fellowship) in Malawi
Millie Jumbe, Chairlady; Temwani Fatchi, Secretary.

16 Su for the far-reaching and positive spiritual impact that the group has across Malawi.

17 Mo for spiritual refreshment and encouragement for Mrs Jumbe and Mrs Fatchi.

18 Tu for the joy evident within the various Chiyanjano groups.

zambesi mission (zm) in Malawi
Simon Chikwana (Field Director), Rose Chirwa (Projects Officer) and Mercy Carlos (Field Administrator)

19 We for God’s provision for the families affected by this year’s drought in south Malawi.

20 Th for the hard work and diligence of Rose as she manages zm’s projects.

21 Fr p for our relationships with all our partners.

22 Sa foot and mouth disease is affecting the southern and central regions of Malawi. This has adversely affected some zm-supported projects

23 Su for the pig breeding income generating project at Chikwawa ZEC. The church started their breeding programme with three pigs and now have 13. They can soon be sold to become a reliable source of income for the church.

27 Th for Field Director Simon Chikwana as he faces so much need around him.

zambesi mission (zm) in the UK
Mike Beresford (Mission Director), Trevor Matthews (Chair of Trustees and Executive Committee).

28 Fr zm was able to connect with supporters at conventions and conferences in July and August.

29 Sa for everyone involved in the York office, including new volunteers Catherine and Lucy.

30 Su for health and safety for our Honorary Representatives as they travel to visit churches, encouraging them to be involved in mission.

31 Mo
zm has developed a new resource called mission & me? designed to inspire, excite and challenge children and young people aged 7-13 (and their families) to get involved in world mission. It is available from the office.


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