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[Key:  means please pray and  means give thanks]

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.
Psalm 18: 2

MAY 2019

zambesi mission (zm) in Malawi
Simon Chikwana (Field Director), Rose Chirwa (Projects Officer) and Mercy Carlos (Field Administrator)

1 We for Simon as he coordinates zm’s response to the recent devastating flooding.

2 Th zm is providing basic food, soap, plastic sheeting, buckets and utensils to those in need.

3 Fr for Mercy who is not yet back to full health. p for her and her family.

4 Sa for Rose who so faithfully oversees and coordinates the mission’s various projects.

5 Su for zm’s housekeeper Dorothy and guards Jack, Grayson, Owen and Kondwane.

6 Mo for the people of Malawi as they prepare for local and national elections on 21st May.

7 Tu the worldwide media interest in the recent disaster has led to much compassionate giving.

8 We for those now living in temporary accommodation after their homes were destroyed.

9 Th for the Malawian government as they seek long term sustainable solutions to protect vulnerable communities from the impact of Climate Change.

zambesi mission (zm) in the UK
Mike Beresford (Mission Director), Trevor Matthews (Chair of Trustees and Executive Committee)

10 Fr for wisdom for zm’s staff, trustees and Executive Committee as they determine how best zm can help build resilience to natural disasters.

11 Sa for our supporters’ generosity and for their compassion for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

12 Su Dave Brown, zm’s UK Development Manager, retired at the end of March - p for him as he adjusts to retirement.

13 Mo for the appointment of new Administrator Ritchie Dealtry, based in our York office.

14 Tu for Charlotte Dunning, whose gifts will now be more fully utilised in her new role as Office Manager.

15 We for our Honorary Representatives as they speak to different churches throughout the UK.

16 Th zm received a significant legacy in January; we are now able to provide more financial help in Malawi and northern Mozambique.

17 Fr we have received a grant from Guernsey Overseas Aid to complete the maize and rice milling projects at Chifunga and Nthorowa.

Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM)
Principal, Pastor Robert Masikamu; Council Chairman, Rev Willard Muwalo

18 Sa for all those at the college whose homes or families have been affected by the flooding.

19 Su for the process of registration with the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). An inspection took place earlier this month.

20 Mo for all the students who have responded to the call of Jesus: “come, follow me.”

21 Tu for the lecturers at EBCoM, as they help the students to learn sound doctrine through God’s Word - so that they can combat false teaching.

Local, national and presidential elections in Malawi today

22 We zm is working with EBCoM to help the college to drill a borehole. This will provide a backup water supply.

23 Th for God to guide those He has called into ministry to apply to study at EBCoM.

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) Malawi
Chairman, Pastor Chimwemwe Kanjirawaya and his deputy, Pastor Joe Tsokalida; General Secretary, Pastor James Baisson Phiri and his deputy, Pastor Willard Muwalo

24 Fr ZEC have now completed the process of appointing all their new key workers.

25 Sa for all recently appointed key workers, beginning their new roles amidst such devastation.

26 Su for all the pastors whose homes have been badly damaged or destroyed.

27 Mo for wisdom and guidance as zm helps ZEC to repair churches that have been damaged.

28 Tu for those who will harvest nothing this year. p that they would have enough food to survive.

29 We for ZEC’s leadership as they discern how to distribute food and emergency support equitably.
for the appointment of former EBCoM student Frank Mikondo as ZEC’s new Sunday School coordinator. wisdom in his new role.

31 Fr for the planned extension to the pig sty at Mulanje ZEC to help improve its profitability.

JUNE 2019

ZEC Health & Rural Development
Ntonda Rural Hospital, together with health centres at Matanda, Mitsidi, Muluma and Nthorowa

1 Sa for all zm’s supporters who have given gifts to provide maternity equipment at Muluma.

2 Su the facilities at Muluma just need to pass a Nurses’ Council inspection before maternity services can begin.

3 Mo ZEC’s medical staff: who endure hardship to provide good healthcare in remote rural areas.

4 Tu many roads have been damaged by the recent flooding. p that this would not prevent those in need from getting to the health centres.

5 We that staff at the health centres are able to witness to their surrounding communities.

6 Th for the satisfactory completion of the new maternity facilities at Matanda and Nthorowa.

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC), Malawi
Fellowship of Youth (FoY)

Geoffrey Mbendera, Coordinator

7 Fr for spiritual wisdom and discernment as Geoffrey begins his new role as FoY coordinator.

8 Sa for the vibrant love and care that is so evident throughout the FoY groups.

9 Su for all the young people whose families are now homeless as a result of the flooding.

10 Mo for these young men and women - they are so committed to the gospel.

ZEC Chiyanjano (Women’s Fellowship) in Malawi
Coordinator - Margaret Chodzi

11 Tu t for the appointment of Margaret Chodzi as coordinator for ZEC Chiyanjano.

UK Executive Committee and Trustees meet

12 We for the groups as they minister to women who have lost much due to the flooding.

UK Staff meet

13 Th for the way that Chiyanjano groups support those in desperate need in their communities.

ZEC Regional Superintendents & Churchplanting
Isaac Mpanga - Upper and Lower Shire, Henry Muhiye -Eastern Malawi, Austin Njobvu - Central Malawi, Laston Musisi - South Lake Malawi, Samuel Chiyambeni - Northern Malawi

14 Fr for the Regional Superintendents following the recent reorganisation. Pastors Mpanga and Muhiye have held the role previously. The other three are newly appointed.

15 Sa for each superintendent; they will now also be responsible for pastoring a church.

16 Su for the superintendents to be able to visit and encourage the churches in their region.

17 Mo very few parts of central and southern Malawi were spared from the recent storms. for the superintendents ministering there.

18 Tu in one church alone, over 150 homes have been destroyed.

19 We for the churches as they start rebuilding homes and livelihoods.

ZEC Orphan Daycare Centres (ODCs)
At Chifunga, Nthorowa and Ntonda

20 Th work has commenced on the ‘Tender Shoots’ income generating projects at Chifunga and Nthorowa ZEC.

21 Fr management agreements for the projects between zm and ZEC need to be approved.

22 Sa Ntonda ZEC are proposing a truck rental project as their income generating project.

23 Su for wisdom regarding the startup capital needed for the Ntonda project.

24 Mo for the existence of the ODCs. They bring God’s love and comfort to the children.

25 Tu that ZEC’s three ODCs have not been unduly affected by the recent flooding.

26 We for the dedication of ZEC’s voluntary staff.

27 Th for the ODC children taking their Primary

School Leaving Certificate Exams this summer.

River of Life Evangelical Church (RoLEC)
Leader Ps Mvula Mvula - 40 churches

28 Fr many of their church congregations have been affected by the flooding.

29 Sa churches are offering one another assistance where they can, but it will be almost impossible to help all affected members.

30 Su for Akim Mtayamanja pastoring the newly planted church at Bwanali in Mangochi District.

JULY 2019

1 Mo for the Learn2Serve training seminar held with RoLEC at Siki in March, despite the area being badly impacted by flooding.

2 Tu for RoLEC’s pastors and leaders, seeking to grow in Christlike leadership.

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) Mozambique
Chairman Dinos Lokati and his deputy Estavao Dzumani; General Secretary James Hamilton and his deputy Innocent Moffat; Treasurer Ernest Sakwiya

3 We much of northern Mozambique has been devastated by Tropical Cyclone Idai.

4 Th at least eight ZEC churches in northern Mozambique have collapsed.

5 Fr for those who have lost everything.

EBCoM Graduation today

6 Sa nearly 500,000 hectares of crops have been destroyed (source: United Nations, 23.3.19).

7 Su for the church’s ability to share the good news about Jesus through their words and deeds.

ZEC Mozambique Regional Superintendents and Churchplanting
Regional Superintendents: Ps Christavo Chambwinja - West; Ps Raphael Waissone - East

8 Mo for Joachim Lihama, newly appointed churchplanter at Molumbo, a remote town in north east Mozambique.

9 Tu likewise for Steven Jose, another new churchplanter in the coal mining boom town of
Moatize, near Tete in north west Mozambique.

10 We for Joshua Misomali, churchplanter at Milange in north east Mozambique.

11 Th for the dedication of the churchplanters and their often lonely sacrifice.

12 Fr for Christavo Chambwinja as he seeks to support the churches in the west of Mozambique.

13 Sa for Raphael Waissone as he tries to visit

ZEC churches in north east Mozambique.
Chiyanjano (Women’s Fellowship) in Mozambique Coordinator - Odetta Hamilton

14 Su approximately 80% of ZEC members are women. t for their faithful commitment.

15 Mo all the women who know and love Jesus.

16 Tu for the many Chiyanjano meetings that have taken place recently across Mozambique.

17 We p for the practicalities of coordinating future meetings.

18 Th for strength and grace as the women care for family and friends affected by the cyclone.

19 Fr for those who have lost their homes.

20 Sa for expectant mothers in rural parts of northern Mozambique.

21 Su Mozambique has high healthcare inequity.

Fellowship of Youth (FoY) in Mozambique
Isaac Fainote and Ps Evereson - Co-ordinators

22 Mo for the strength and vitality of FoY as an organisation.

23 Tu for Isaac and Ps Evereson as they coordinate FoY in Mozambique.

24 We that the youth would live godly lives.


Children for Christ Ministry (CFCM)
Elevate Mzinga, Joseph Jeke, Lackson Makawa

25 Th CFCM have now completed their child protection and safeguarding policy.

26 Fr for CFCM as they implement this policy.

27 Sa the enthusiasm of the teachers that CFCM have trained in Phalombe (south east Malawi).

28 Su for Elevate, Joseph and Lackson as they seek God’s guidance for CFCM’s ministry.

29 Mo for the students at EBCoM who have received CFCM training.

30 Tu these EBCoM students will remember the importance of children’s ministry after graduation.

31 We the gospel is being shared with children throughout Malawi thanks to CFCM.


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