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[Key:  means please pray and  means give thanks]


zambesi mission (zm) in the UK

1 Tu for us to deepen our relationships with our Malawian brothers and sisters in Christ.

2 We for all our faithful supporters.

3 Th for our Executive Committee and trustees.

4 Fr for the churches in the UK that support zm’s church partners in Malawi.

Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM)
Principal, Pastor Robert Masikamu; Council Chairman, Rev Willard Muwalo.

5 Sa for the students; despite the fact that zm is not supporting any new first year students this year, zm is still sponsoring over 50 individuals at the college in the current academic year.

6 Su EBCoM is planning to run their children’s nursery on a commercial basis to help generate income.

7 Mo for students returning after Christmas.

8 Tu the large number of women helped by zm to study on the wives’ course at EBCoM this year.

9 We for the lecturers, seeking God’s guidance as they prepare for their lessons.

10 Th for those who are called to the ministry.

Robert Yanduya visiting the UK until 30th January

11 Fr for the Principal of EBCoM, Pastor Robert Masikamu.

12 Sa most facility upgrades are now complete.

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC)
Mozambique Chairman Dinos Lokati and his deputy Estavao Dzumani; General Secretary James Hamilton and his deputy Innocent Moffat; Treasurer Ernest Sakwiya.

13 Su for those in the congregation who travel great distances to attend their church.

14 Mo for harmony with ZEC Malawi following their leadership change.

15 Tu the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached freely in ZEC churches in Mozambique.

16 We for those involved with ministry in ZEC Mozambique.

17 Th many pastors have bicycles to help with the long distances they travel, thanks to zm.

18 Fr for good rains during this year’s growing season in Mozambique and Malawi.

Chiyanjano (Women’s Fellowship) in Mozambique
Odetta Hamilton - Co-ordinator.

19 Sa for the National Women’s Conference held in Fonte Boa, Mozambique in September 2018.

20 Su for those willing to serve without recognition.

21 Mo for favourable weather conditions for all travelling to remote fellowships.

22 Tu for God’s guidance as Odetta Hamilton coordinates Chiyanjano in Mozambique.

Fellowship of Youth (FoY) in Mozambique
Isaac Fainote and Ps Evereson - Co-ordinators.

23 We for young people who face adversity for attending FoY.

24 Th for good bible teaching and discipling of the next generation of God’s people.

25 Fr for the hard work of those involved in leading FoY that make it possible.

ZEC Mozambique Regional Superintendents and Churchplanting

Regional Superintendents: Ps Christavo Chambwinja - West; Ps Raphael Waissone - East.

26 Sa for resources to build the church at Milange.

27 Su for Christavo Chambwinja and Raphael Waissone, regional superintendents.

28 Mo for good health for the churchplanters.

29 Tu for the pastors sharing the gospel in remote areas of Mozambique.

30 We for wisdom as ZEC Mozambique decide where to plant churches.

31 Th for spiritual growth in the congregations.



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