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[Key:  means please pray and  means give thanks]

JUNE 2017
Fellowship of Youth (FoY) , Malawi
Gift Mphongolo, FoY Co-ordinator

1 Th those determined to live upright lives and demonstrate right attitudes to marriage.

2 Fr financial support from ZEC for Gift Mphongolo, to enable him to continue to lead the ministry of FoY and visit local groups.

Chiyanjano (Women’s Fellowship) in Malawi
Millie Jumbe, Chairlady; Mrs Fatchi, Secretary

3 Sa Women’s Conference held in South Africa over Easter.

4 Su development of good relationships between ZEC Chiyanjano groups in Malawi and her neighbours.

5 Mo Mrs Jumbe and Mrs Fatchi, as well as local Chiyanjano leaders, as they reach out to and disciple women.

ZEC Orphan Daycare Centres (ODCs)
At Chifunga, Nthorowa and Ntonda

6 Tu as Ps Nseula takes over from Ps Chaona at Chifunga ZEC, with plans for projects to make the ODC sustainable.

7 We good harvests this year at Ntonda and at Nthorowa. They should have grown all the maize they need to feed the children in 2017.

8 Th repair of the roof at Nthorowa, which was blown off by a severe storm.

ZEC Health & Rural Development
Ntonda Rural Hospital, plus Health Centres at Matanda, Mitsidi, Muluma and Nthorowa.

9 Fr p Fashion Faiti, Nthorowa, seeking to sort out with government the payments due to cover the provision of free maternity services.

10 Sa repair of the roof at Ntonda’s outpatient building, another victim of storm damage.

11 Su the maternity unit at Matanda would be completed soon and that the staff plan for Mitsidi would be in place for the opening in August.

12 Mo that construction of staff houses at Muluma’s Health Centre would progress quickly

13 Tu income being generated in ZEC churches, especially through the goat and pig projects.

zm Trustees and Executive Committee meet today

zambesi mission (zm) in the UK
Mike Beresford (Mission Director), Trevor Matthews (Chair of Trustees and Executive Committee)

14 We zm’s many generous supporters, enabling us to provide disaster relief, bibles and church roofs at times of particular need.

zm staff meet today

15 Th sponsors enabling zm to support a record number of bible college students in 2016.

16 Fr asking the Lord to raise up new supporters and supply the additional funds needed to cover the shortfall earlier this year.

17 Sa Mike Beresford, Trevor Matthews and Colin Stonelake (zm’s treasurer) - that they would have wisdom in assigning the funds available.

18 Su all zm staff who visit churches, cultivating partnerships and sharing about our partners’ work in Malawi and northern Mozambique.

19 Mo the Lord would prompt younger generations to become involved in this ministry of encouragement. 1 Corinthians 16:17.

20 Tu lasting connections with individuals, as zm presents a different way of doing mission at bible and mission conferences over the summer.

21 We Richard, Charlotte and Jackie, based in the York office, as they provide administrative support and interact with supporters on the phone.

22 Th all staff seeking to cultivate prayerfulness in their own lives, as well as for mission activities.

23 Fr Myles and Ruth MacBean visited 15 different churches, as well as family, during their March visit to the UK. Their insights into zm’s partners’ work were appreciated by supporters.

River of Life Evangelical Church (RoLEC)
Leader Ps Mvula Mvula - 40 churches; now 13 pastors

24 Sa there are now 13 full-time pastors - their churches are taking up the challenge of support.

25 Su each one will persevere in ministry, despite the challenges they often face.

26 Mo Ruth and Rafael Kaomba, who are taking over the pastoral ministry at Cape Maclear.

27 Tu Maitanidwe Vasco, Acklen Jeke, (Balaka), Elifala (Lilongwe), Chagwa (Salima): all new church leaders.

28 We newly-started English service in the church in Blantyre. It is drawing a small congregation and providing good bible-based teaching.

29 Th Joseph Pius at Nsanje, Lower Shire, is using his EBCoM training and taking advice as he works to help the church to focus and grow.

30 Fr a sensitive and growing partnership between RoLEC and Kingsway Church in Belfast.

EBCoM Graduation

JULY 2017

1 Sa Pastor Mvula Mvula , who wants to equip the church’s leaders for effective ministry in their churches.

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) Mozambique
Chairman Dinos Lokati and his deputy Estavao Dzumani; General Secretary James Hamilton and his deputy Innocent Moffat; Ernest Sakwiya - Treasurer

2 Su each of these leaders, providing unity and a clear sense of God’s vision for ZEC.

3 Mo ZEC’s Mozambican leadership to be planning for the funding of key workers, as zm’s subsidy is phased out over the next three years.

4 Tu ZEC’s national registration documents are ready for final approval in the capital Maputo.

5 We churches and pastors who sometimes feel isolated. p they would have a strong sense of belonging to the body of Christ.

6 Th many pastors live far away from their church. p for plans to address this problem.

ZEC Mozambique Regional Superintendents and Churchplanting
Regional Superintendents: Ps Christavo Chambwinja - West; Ps Raphael Waissone - East.

7 Fr remembering again Raphael Waissone and his wife: their young son died last year.

8 Sa both Regional Superintendents face challenges serving their widely-spread churches.

9 Su 1,500 bibles and five church roofs supplied in Mozambique in 2016.

10 Mo Joshua Misomali, churchplanter at Milange ZEC, as they look for land for the church.

Chiyanjano (Women’s Fellowship) in Mozambique
Odetta Hamilton - Co-ordinator

11 Tu the witness of these women, seeking to live out their family life in Christ and to bring up their children to know and love the Lord.

12 We the wonderful contributions they make to the life of their churches and local communities.

Fellowship of Youth (FoY) in Mozambique
Isaac Fainote and Ps Evereson - Co-ordinators

13 Th FoY Co-ordinators and local leaders. May their lives in Christ set an example for others.

14 Fr FoY as an organisation, as it helps young people to become good disciples of Christ.

zambesi mission (zm) in Malawi
Simon Chikwana (Field Director), Rose Chirwa (Projects Officer), Mercy Carlos (Field Administrator) and Myles and Ruth MacBean (Church Development Partners)

15 Sa all involved in supplying disaster relief to the most vulnerable in ZEC and RoLEC.

16 Su the rain has not only provided a good harvest, but also much-needed drinking water.

17 Mo Simon asks for the Holy Spirit to give him wisdom as he directs the zm team, and for prudence in their use of the mission’s resources.

18 Tu Rose and Mercy, that they would increasingly be able to take on tasks that ease Simon’s workload.

19 We all zm staff as they work together, supporting one another and their families.

20 Th ‘Echoes of Grace’, now organising and engaging in gospel outreach through music to rural areas.

21 Fr that they would be able to get more local support for their outreach.

22 Sa Ruth MacBean’s work with Etiny Thole, collating the new children’s song book ‘Ananu Ziimbani’.

23 Su that publication would progress without difficulty; and that it will be effective at telling children about Jesus.

24 Mo Ruth MacBean, now doing less administrative work for CFCM.

25 Tu Myles MacBean, in the final stages of his work with ZEC teams and leaders.

Children for Christ Ministry (CFCM)
Elevate Mzinga, Joseph Jeke, Lackson Makawa

26 We appointment of Lackson as administrator. He has a heart for the ministry as well as a head for the administrative detail.

27 Th Elevate and Joseph have more time for bible clubs and training Sunday school teachers.

28 Fr government registration of CFCM as an organisation to be finalised rapidly.

29 Sa the teaching plans that CFCM provide (at an affordable price) to Sunday school teachers.

Malawi and Mozambique

30 Su integrity in every area of leadership: in government, in business and in the church.

31 Mo peace and political stability in both Mozambique and Malawi.


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