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Reaching the Children – and their Teachers

January 2016

Whether it is outside under the shade of a leafy tree, or crammed inside a classroom, there is no doubting the enthusiasm for, and openness to, Bible teaching of the children of Malawi. Time and time again when the CFCM workers approach a head master for permission to start a new Bible Club in a school the doors are opened wide, and literally hundreds of children at a time hear a very clear Gospel message, learn Bible verses and join together to in loud praise to God! The children and staff come from varied backgrounds – some Christian, some Muslim, some unchurched, some immersed in African traditional religion – but all sinners, all needing a Saviour, all needing to hear that message of salvation.

Children for Christ Ministry has a passion for every one of those children. And the task is enormous. Reaching as many children as possible with the Gospel is the goal – but with an operational staff of just two – Elevate Mizinga and Joseph Jeke, assisted by ZM Church Development Partner, Ruth MacBean – how do they seek to do this?

On a local level, the team runs regular Bible Clubs in and around Blantyre, in schools, orphanages and a reformatory centre. They also give training, support and encouragement to other individuals running clubs, some in Blantyre and some further afield. However, the biggest impact they make is through the training of Sunday School teachers and Bible Club leaders.

Many churches have Sunday Schools in name only – children’s work is a very low priority, teachers are just expected to keep the children amused with singing, and they do not know how to teach a Bible story. Many teachers do not own a Bible – and indeed some are not even Christians. CFCM runs training seminars in many locations across Malawi taking these teachers through topics including the need to evangelize children, the abilities of children of different ages, how to teach a Bible story or a memory verse, living a consecrated life, setting up a Bible Club. Some of the teachers are hearing the Gospel clearly explained for the first time – and are converted through the training. Whether the seminar is attended by 12 teachers or 120 teachers, the number of children who will then start receiving appropriate Biblical teaching is very great – some Sunday School classes contain over 100 children.

Even then, so few workers can only run 12-15 seminars each year. CFCM is now seeking to train more trainers, so that this work can be multiplied and spread through more of the country of Malawi. Active children’s workers, who have themselves been through the 3 levels of CFCM training, are being equipped to start seminars in their own locations and churches. CFCM also train the students at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) in how to undertake children’s ministry, and how to train others, so that when they leave college and move throughout the country more and more children will be properly taught and brought to a faith in Christ while they are young. The CFCM team may not be able to keep track of how far their ministry will extend, but they trust the Lord of the Harvest to bring forth fruit.

How you can be involved:

  • Pray for the work of CFCM. Join the CFCM prayer network to receive monthly email updates so your prayers can be informed and specific 
  • Request or download the quarterly CFCM newsletter from ZM
  • Financially support the work through ZM by designating your gifts for CFCM
  • Make a donation towards the CFCM subsidized Bible scheme which is focused on allowing Sunday School teachers to purchase affordable Bibles 
  • Involve the children in your church in raising funds for specific things like footballs for clubs, or stationary to create visual aids for teachers to use. Most clubs/Sunday Schools cannot afford such things.

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