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Stamps and collectables

We are always interested in receiving postage stamps and other collectable items, such as model vehicles or first day covers.  These can be used to raise funds for the mission’s work.


We are interested in the following (see examples below):

  • Commemorative British stamps (except Christmas stamps).
  • All foreign stamps


These should ideally be sorted into the above categories and given to one of our representatives to avoid the cost of postage.  Alternatively they can be sent to the office.  If posted, please ensure that the correct price for postage is paid.  The price of the fine for having insufficient postage affixed is normally more than the stamps are worth.  If you wish to receive an acknowledgement, please can you enclose your email address with the stamps to minimise postage and administrative costs.  

Stamps should be prepared by cutting around them as neatly as possible, including the whole post mark, since this can be worth as much as the stamp.

Please do not send any “machins”.  These are the everyday stamps with 1st or 2nd on (or individual values), including Christmas stamps, as shown below.  The reason is that they are virtually worthless.



Other Collectables

Please do get in touch with us if you have any collectable items that you are interested in donating towards the mission’s work, such as model vehicles or first day covers.

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