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Zione Salamba from Tsabola Zambezi Evangelical Church is so thankful to receive her Bible in Chichewa.  She can now read God’s Word whenever she wants.  She can become rooted in the faith and guard against false teaching. 

ZEC has many churches in rural parts of Malawi like Tsabola.  These are places where there are poor roads, few buses and typically no electricity.  Most people face extreme poverty.  In a typical rural church with 100 or 150 members, usually no more than five to ten believers have their own Bible.  The ZEC churches across the border in Chichewa-speaking parts of northern Mozambique can be even worse. 

There are two big issues: access and cost.  There are no shops in rural areas and transport to the nearest town or city is often unaffordable.  A Bible costs just over £10, a huge amount for most people.  zm’s subsidised Bible scheme aims to address these challenges.  The mission buys the Bibles from the Bible Society of Malawi and delivers them to the recipients.  They pay about £1.50 towards the cost.  Unfortunately we never have enough funds to meet the enormous demand.  But little by little we share what we are given with those who would like a Bible. 

Would you like to help others like Zione to get access to God’s word? You can now give by text to provide a Bible in Chichewa for a believer in Malawi or northern Mozambique. Just text 10BIBLE to 70450 and we will receive your donation. You will also be given the opportunity to provide contact details if you wish us to claim Gift Aid.





Alternatively, if you prefer, you can make a donation via our website.

Thank you to everyone who has given so generously so that more people in Malawi and northern Mozambique can read God’s Word.   

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