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Tropical Storms – News Update

Tropical Storm Ana hit Malawi and northern Mozambique at the end of January.  It brought over 300mm of rain in 24 hours and caused widespread destruction, particularly to crops, homes and churches.  At least 46 people died in Malawi and 38 in Mozambique.  This storm came hard on the heels of a very poor start to this year’s growing season – the rainfall in the period between October 2021 and January 2022 has been amongst the lowest recorded since 1970.  

Following Storm Ana we made preparations to distribute relief to over 1,000 households from our partner churches in Malawi and northern Mozambique.  This involved providing 25kg maize flour, plastic sheeting, water bucket, plates, soap, beans, soya pieces, salt and seed for replanting to every household.  However, the plan was delayed by the impact of Storm Dumako – although less severe than Storm Ana, it affected areas that were already reeling from the destruction caused by Storm Ana.

When Storm Dumako was over and the roads had been repaired again, the team from our office in Blantyre travelled with the Chair of ZEC Pastor Chimwemwe Kanjirawaya down to the Lower Shire at the end of February to distribute relief.  They visited Chikwawa, Bereu, Ngabu, Bangula and Nsanje ZEC.  They still have some more families to reach in the area, but the roads were still impassable. 

We have been shocked to hear that a further weather system called Tropical Storm Gombe between 11th and 13th March has brought more flooding to the area.  This time Nsanje ZEC itself and the adjacent pastor’s house has been inundated.  Other homes will not have been so well built and are likely to have been destroyed again.  Thankfully the church was constructed very solidly, but the mess is awful. 

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who remain steadfast in the face of these seemingly unrelenting waves of devastating tropical storms.  We are very thankful to all our supporters who have given so generously to help the mission’s relief effort.  If anyone else would like to contribute please feel free to make a donation using our website

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