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A Tribute to Lameck Masoamphambe

Most of you will heard about the sudden death of our good friend and co-worker Pastor Lameck Masoamphambe.  He was tragically involved in a road accident on 14th October and died in Zomba Central Hospital shortly afterwards. 

Lameck graduated from the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) in 2007.  In the following year he became pastor of Namitete Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) in western Malawi.  He became Administrator at ZEC’s Ntonda Rural Hospital in 2014 and served there until now.  His responsibilities included management of Ntonda’s Orphan Daycare Centre. 

Lameck’s wife Stella now has the responsibility for caring for their six children on her own.  Their eldest child is 20, their youngest is 8 years old.  They are shown in these pictures which were taken back in 2014 when Lameck was pastor at Namitete ZEC. 

Lameck was an ever-present companion and guide whenever we visited Ntonda.  He was a hard-working tenacious man, who fully grasped the importance of heathcare as mission.  He approached challenges fearlessly and cheerfully – he has been an inspiration to all of us.  He also worked hard to improve his knowledge and understanding.  At the time of his death he was studying for a Master’s so that he could serve his community better through Ntonda Rural Hospital. 

In this video Lameck shared how the beehives at Ntonda had helped support their ministry

Our former mission workers Abraham and Ruth Folayan knew Lameck and Stella well and Abraham shared his recollections with us from retirement in Nigeria.

“We send our very sincere condolences to Lameck’s wife Stella and their children.  He came to us at EBCoM for the three-year Diploma programme.  He was a mature and diligent student who worked very hard and achieved good success.  It was during his final year when Stella joined him for the Wives’ Programme.  We saw the beauty of their Christian character in the loving care that Lameck and Stella provided for their family and particularly Olive who has a disability.  We knew the heavy burden that they shared privately.  We learnt so much to learn from their gentle and persevering spirit in the face of trials.  Their trust in God was admirable and this was the driving force of their lives together.

All of us who have visited the Ntonda Health Care and Orphan Day Centre during his time as Coordinator will always remember the warmth and the commitment with which he served the Lord and His Church.

Our hearts go especially to Stella who must now carry the responsibility of caring for their children without the great support that Lameck provided.  Our prayers are with her and the rest of the children. The God in Whom he trusted will sustain her and continue to meet the family needs now and into the future.

Lameck Masoamphambe will not come back to us, we will go to meet him someday at the feet of Jesus, his Saviour and ours”.

We offer our sincere condolences to Pastor Masoamphambe’s wife and children.  Please remember them in your prayers at this devastating time for them.  Please pray that the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort would pour out His peace upon them in the coming days and weeks. 

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