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A Call to Prayer

We have just sent out a call to prayer for Malawi to all those who have signed up to receive urgent prayer requests from zm. It is outlined on the video below. If anyone would like to be added to our email list to receive occasional prayer requests in the future you can sign up at

It feels like Malawi is poised on a very fragile knife edge.  Last week our Mission Director Mike Beresford attended a virtual meeting of the Scotland Malawi Partnership, which included many health leaders from Malawi.  One shared something particularly alarming.  They said: “We have a disaster in the making. Because people are just letting go of all the measures that were put in place and that have taken us this far with very few confirmed cases”.

This big change came about when Malawi’s Supreme Court confirmed that the rerun of the Presidential election should go ahead in July.  On 12th May, the BBC reported: “Huge political rallies were held over the weekend that completely defied social-distancing and mask-wearing measures hours after the country reported its highest single-day spike in confirmed coronavirus cases.  The rallies were held a day after 13 more coronavirus cases were reported, with five of the cases detected among health workers”.  

In the video Field Director Simon Chikwana shares his concerns about the situation. Please will you pray about this situation.  Please pray that the political leaders, the President and the opposition uphold the need for appropriate measures to continue to be practised to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  And please pray that the Lord would protect the country of Malawi from the devastating potential of this virus.  Only God can intervene and save them.
Please also pray for zm’s support for distribution of PPE to the health centres run by the Zambezi Evangelical Church – for supply of protective equipment and for God’s protection for ZEC’s healthcare workers at Matanda, Ntonda, Mitsidi, Nthorowa and Muluma. 
Thank you for your prayers for Malawi and for the workers on the front line.  May the Lord be our rock, our fortress and our deliverer.  Amen.

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