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A new base for gospel ministry at Nanlaku ZEC

In March 2019, a series of storms that became known as Cyclone Idai swept across Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  Many lives were lost during this period.  Churches, houses, animals, crops and possessions were swept away.  Because of widespread poverty most houses in rural areas are constructed of earth bricks, which are often bonded together using mud instead of cement mortar.  Pastor Kamwendo at Nanlaku ZEC lived in a house like this.  During the Cyclone Idai storms his house was buffeted by days of torrential driving rain.  One night the end wall of his house collapsed.  In the video below he shares the story about how his children escaped in the night. 

Over the past year, our staff in Malawi have been assisting the local church with funds, design assistance and project management. 

Earlier this month construction work on the house came to an end.  Regional Superintendent Pastor Henry Muhiye paid a visit to inspect the completed house.  We give thanks to God for the generosity of zm’s supporters, which made it possible for a new durable pastor’s house to be built at Nanlaku ZEC.  This will now be a base for future gospel ministry in this area. 

Pastor Henry Muhiye, ZEC’s Regional Superintendent for Eastern Malawi inspects the completed pastor’s house at Nanlaku.

As you will read in our latest copy of Update, Pastor Kamwendo has recently become the new pastor at Zalewa ZEC, about 100 miles away.  Soon Wilson Boti will move into the finished house and become the new pastor at Nanlaku ZEC.  Wilson Boti is a recent graduate from the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi – this will be the first church where he will be pastor.  Please pray for Pastor Kamwendo in his new church at Zalewa ZEC and Pastor Boti at Nanlaku ZEC.  Please pray that God would enable them to preach the word, in season and out of season: and to correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction.

Wilson Boti pictured whilst studying at EBCoM. He will soon become pastor at Nanlaku ZEC

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