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“Our help is in the name of the Lord…”

zm was founded as the Zambesi Industrial Mission way back in 1892.  We are reminded of the words of Psalm 124 that starts: “If the Lord had not been on our side…”  The psalmist then recounts the dreadful consequences that might have occurred if the Lord had not been with us, before concluding that: “Our help is in the name of the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth”. 

Over the years zm has been governed in a variety of different ways.  Today its day to day running is entrusted to the staff team headed up by Mission Director Mike Beresford.  However, a key part of the mission’s governance is delivered by the Executive Committee.  This group of Christians is responsible for overseeing zm’s management and its strategic direction.  The mission’s five trustees retain responsibility for legal and personnel matters, but share responsibility for all other matters with the Executive Committee. 

The trustees and other members of the Exec bring together perspectives from different church denominations, age groups, backgrounds and cultures – and together discern God’s will for the mission’ direction.  They met most recently by Zoom on Tuesday 9th March.  During this meeting they agreed the mission’s new strategic plan in which our vision is succinctly summarized:

zm’s vision is to see sustainable gospel-preaching disciple-making churches across Malawi and northern Mozambique

Towards the end of 2020, we were delighted to welcome two new members of the Executive Committee.  Amos Oumounabidji and José Laussu.  We are introducing Amos and José in this article.

Amos Oumounabidji has worked for Project Possible (formerly Rope) ( since 2006 and is currently their Partner Relationship Coordinator.  He grew up in Chad and became a Christian as a young man, soon after moving to the city and starting to attend an evangelical church.  His village had been looking for someone to translate the Bible into their native tongue.  So he thought, “why not?”  He thought it would be easy, but instead it took 15 years!  Amos has a great deal of experience in helping churches to sustain themselves.  His understanding of the way missions interact with local churches will be extremely beneficial to zm.  At present he is still finding out exactly how the relationship between zm and its church partners works.  Once he understands this fully he feels he will be able to contribute in greater depth.   

José Laussu is passionate about mission. He is committed to fostering links with churches and encouraging them to participate in mission locally and globally. He has a deep personal and pastoral concern for helping people and feels that his passion and experience will be able to help zm

We give thanks to God for enabling the long life of zambesi mission.  We give thanks for the Executive Committee – for the range of Christian perspectives that God uses to guide and direct the mission today.  Please pray for Amos and José as they grow in understanding about the mission, and bring their gifts and experience to bear on its life and direction.

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